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Shell Rotella T6 0w40 18.9L Pail


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Shell ROTELLA® T6 SAE 0W-40 features an advanced Shell exclusive “Low “SAPS”* additive technology in a synthetic base oil, and is designed to provide highly responsive performance in extreme low temperature climates. Shell ROTELLA® T6 SAE 0W-40 meets the API CJ-4/SN, Volvo VDS-3, and Mack EO-N, and Caterpillar ECF-3, ECF-2 and ECF-1A specifications. It is suitable for modern vehicles that have 2010 emissions compliant engines and after treatment systems, which require CJ-4 engine oil.

LOW-TEMPERATURE PROTECTIONShell ROTELLA® T6 SAE 0W-40 is especially designed for those customers who desire the extreme low temperature protection which a SAE 0W-40 provides, in addition to meeting the latest API CJ-4 specification. It is formulated to provide effective flow to critical engine parts under extreme low temperature conditions. Shell ROTELLA® T6 SAE 0W-40 provides the best low temperature performance in the Shell ROTELLA® portfolio. Shell ROTELLA® T6 SAE 0W-40 has a pour point of -51 °C.

EXCEPTIONAL SHEAR STABILITYShell ROTELLA® T6 SAE 0W-40 provides exceptional shear-stability degradation compared to the leading competitive API CJ-4 SAE 0W-40 products. An extremely shear-stable product helps maintain consistent viscosity and oil pressure in the engine.SHEER STABILITY (90 PASSES)PROTECTION AGAINST WEARShell ROTELLA® T6 SAE 0W-40 was formulated to deliver the strong wear protection that is representative of the Shell ROTELLA® portfolio. In the Cummins ISM engine test, which is required for API CJ-4 and which measures top ring weight loss and crosshead wear, Shell ROTELLA® T6 SAE 0W-40 scored a perfect 700 out of 700 merits for those two parameters. The actual result for Top Ring Weight Loss in the Cummins ISM engine test is the best (lowest) in the current Shell ROTELLA® portfolio.

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