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* For informational purposes only, please review owners manual to confirm correct battery type.

Instead of keeping your old battery, be sure it gets recycled by dropping it off at:

Elite Oil Inc
C-893 Redonda St
Sunnyside, MB

Recycling old batteries reduces waste, and since up to 99 percent of a lead-acid battery is recyclable, it also reduces the need to use new raw materials and components.

Please Follow all safety precautions when handling your old battery.

Power Sport Batteries (Core M)
Recycling Credit: $4.00

Utility & Lawn (Core A)
Recycling Credit: $5.00

Automotive & Light Truck (Core B)
Recycling Credit: $10.00

Heavy Truck (Core C)
Recycling Credit: $18.00

Heavy Duty (Core D)
Recycling Credit: $22.00

Extreme Heavy Duty (Core E)
Recycling Credit: $30.00

Extreme Heavy Duty (Core F)
Recycling Credit: $40.00

Lithium Batteries
No Core Value
$2.10 per pound Disposal Fee

A Full battery core credit (Up to $72 each core) will be applied to a invoice only when purchasing a new battery in-store during the purchase exchange. 

When finalizing your online order at the check-out screen, you may select “Pickup in-store” as the shipping option and “in-store payment” option to qualify for the full core exchange credit, be sure to bring the old battery (core) with you.

A reduced core credit value will be applied in a form of in-store account credit or applied to a new purchase invoice in-store when returning a old battery core at a separate time or date.

In unique or specific situations Elite Battery (Elite Oil Inc) reserves the right to accept or refuse cores at any time or in any quantity for credit.

We will always accept cores for recycling free of charge unless they are lithium, a disposal fee may apply.

Please Follow all safety precautions when handling your old battery.

Recycling Program

Battery Type
  • Power Sport Batteries
  • Utility & Lawnmower Batteries
  • Automotive Batteries
  • Heavy Duty Batteries
  • Lithium Batteries ($2.10/lb Disposal Fee)