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* For informational purposes only, please review owners manual to confirm correct battery type.

Warranty is designed for manufacturers defects only.

Batteries that are overcharged, abused, frozen, cracked or not properly maintained are not covered under warranty.
Wrong installation causing a malfunction of the battery will void any warranty.
When a automotive battery is used in a commercial, commercial diesel or seasonal applications, both the free replacement and the pro rate are reduced by half.

Any Lead Acid Battery purchased for a vehicle requiring an AGM will have the warranty reduce by half.

If you have a battery that is not performing as intended, please bring your purchase receipt and the battery for testing.

Here are a few common scenarios;

1. The battery may be drained completely

You may have tried using a trickle charger or using the cars alternator with no success. A commercial grade charger will be used to bring the battery back to life and load tested. (This process will take at least 1 business day to complete.)

2. The battery has a very low charge or is damaged

A load test is required, the battery will be charged fully and load tested. (This process will take at least 1 business day to complete.)

3. The battery consistently doesn’t hold a charge

If the problematic battery is fully charged when brought in, a load test can be done very quickly. If the battery is found to be under-performing or showing a defect, a replacement battery will be issued immediately. (This process may take 5-30 minutes to complete.)

Pro rated warranty is industry standard verbiage, which means if you were to make a claim past the standard warranty time, the amount of money you will receive towards a new battery has been significantly diminished to near zero.

A replacement battery is rarely given out after 4+ years. It is important to understand what a warranty means, and not just accept a blanket statement of warranty.

When making a battery purchase you should ask the following about warranties;

1. Time period to qualify for a full free replacement?
2. Time period of the pro rated model & rate?
3. What if the battery is no longer manufactured when making a claim?

(Get this in writing by the manager on the invoice)

All batteries sold after September 1, 2022 have a gold standard warranty duration indicated on this page.


4 year - Free replacement

Marine & RV Deep Cycle

2 Year - Free replacement

Power sport

Standard Power Sport
1 Year - Free replacement
NOCO Lithium
5 Year - Free replacement


1 Year - Free replacement

Golf Cart

2 Year - Free replacement

Boosters / Chargers / Equipment

1 Year - Free replacement

Other Products

Manufacturer Warranty